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Help with my TAG team



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Post 17 Nov 2016, 05:01

Help with my TAG team

I have been playing Ball 3D for years, and we always use the tag [DC] and #DC , but in the last month someone still it from my account. I don't know how, but they guess my password and take me off the tag. I am MR11 , i used to have a forum from argentina (ball3d-argentina.com) and it's the first time that something like this happens to me. So i ask you to help me, to give me back the TAG of my team. Please, i think the player who still it to me is "maestruli" that have the tag now.
I hope you could help me. Thank you. MR11 - Argentina.


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Post 06 Aug 2019, 11:31

Re: Help with my TAG team

No one gives you a f*** about account/team problems in this forum dude. I guess you should try creatin another.


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Post 06 Aug 2019, 13:41

Re: Help with my TAG team

Its steal not still.And why should anyone help you,you should protect your acc better.

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