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[ATTENTION] Brazilian players knocking down rooms



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Post 06 Nov 2018, 01:50

[ATTENTION] Brazilian players knocking down rooms

Hi maniek, currently the Brazilian rooms are suffering attacks "DDos" of Brazilian players, yes, Brazilians.
They are knocking down rooms of their own country. We have a Brazilian association of ball 3d that was always united, today some toxic players are knocking over all the rooms,
we could no longer play 4x4 in any room and no championships organized, even in this year's world, Brazilians themselves were knocking over the players of the national team, so most of them play. We can no longer play in any Brazilian room without being attacked Ddos.
You need to do something, or else no one else in Brazil will play ball3d. You only have to log in to any Brazilian 4fun that has the players "Bolsolixo, Rocketan7, Crossbay, MrsCarter, jo9 and the players of the team [ESC]".
there are not only them they drop, there are more Brazilians who already have the FIXED IP of the players that create 4fun and end up being dropped.
We totally lost the urge to ply.


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Post 09 Nov 2018, 06:01

Re: [ATTENTION] Brazilian players knocking down rooms

support, Ball 3D Argentina has similar problems.


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Re: [ATTENTION] Brazilian players knocking down rooms

nak's evil brother
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Re: [ATTENTION] Brazilian players knocking down rooms

It's a big problem and it's going to be painfully connected to you.
But you have to hope that someone from the administration will take care of it.
Good luck and be patient.

Greetings, SzubaPL

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