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------¡Message for Maniek! ------



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Post 04 Jan 2018, 20:01

------¡Message for Maniek! ------

Hello, best regards, I wanted to ask the administrator (Maniek), if you could help me with an account topic.
The problem is the following:
I have an account in the game, called '' Woozle '', that nick is the fake copy of '' Woozie '', a Turkish player, and because of that I want to ask you if you could do me a favor, Transfer the '' Items '' from the account '' Woozle '', to the '' Whoking '' account ...

I know what changing name costs money in the game, but I would appreciate being considered, because I really do not have any money right now, and the account of '' Woozle '' I invested money, and I would like the items to put them in my account '' Whoking '', since I do not want to have a fake nick ..

and they will ask themselves: If you knew that there already existed a player with the nickname: '' Woozie '' because you put the same nick on him only by changing a letter? ..

It's simple, I did not know, I was just a rookie, and I saw a shirt with the name '' Woozie '', and I thought I was wearing '' L '', and because of that, I decided to create an account with the same name of the shirt, because at that time I did not know how to create shirts.

A greeting!.


Country: Venezuela.
eMail: whokingb3d@gmail.com


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¡Message for Maniek

The F&F1 Ferrari asshole was driving a 355 Berlinetta. Even if it was GTS trim, it had a whopping 381hp 8,250 RPM and 268 ft/lbs 6,000 RPM. It should have been a day in the park for a built supra to walk on him. There are cars on this forum that could walk on him.

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