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Admin Abuse

Forum rules
1. Topic name of report should have nickname of person who are you reporting and the reason of it . For example "Striker - boosting ranked matches".
Please use following prefix in the topic:

2. Topic where content is "Ban him!" e.t.c., will be deleted immediately. This same applies to complain and revocation.
3. Every topic should be argumented and have any evidences. Without them administration (usually)couldn't do anyting.
4. Person who want to lead to ban someone who didn't do anything also can be punished.
5. Please do not edit sended posts, becuose this could make some problems. If you forgot to add something, just post it in new messages. We won't punish these people and if it will be necessary - we'll edit topic.
6. Report should contain:
Your Nick:
Nick of reported person:
Date of accident:
Reason of report:
Additional informations and evidences:

7. Examples of report name:
Using bugs to win in ranked matches
Using other accounts while banned
"Boosting" on ranked matches
Insulting administration
Constantly and hard insulting players

Of course you can type anything else.
8. In topic discusscion is acceptable but only in cultural way.
9. In these section you can place any not censored photos, screens or other evidences, which are clearly showing the reason of report.

1. Revocation topic can create only people, who were banned directly in the game by admin.
If you want to create it, use following pattern:
Your Nick:
Admin, who banned you:
Reason of ban provided by admin:
Date of accident:
Reason of revocation and ban circumstances:
Additional informations:

2. Revoking can only banned people, not bystanders.
3. Banned person have 3 days to type revocation topic. In the absence of it, the banned person is assumed to be guilty.


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Post 01 Mar 2019, 22:53

Admin Abuse

Your Nick:Bolic
Nick of reported person:Dejoo
Date of accident:1.March.2019
Reason of report:Toxic,and banning me from dedyc room for no reason.
Additional informations and evidences:I have photo evidence,add me on discord if you want it.


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Post 02 Mar 2019, 13:51

Re: Admin Abuse

Bosanski: Prvo, tebe niti je ko uvrijedio, niti je ko tebi išta rekao loše, kada smo igrali igrali smo, kada smo se zezali zezali smo se. To što si ti slikao kada se mi zezamo i sada želim to da iskoristiš kao da ja tako radim uvijek to ti je vrlo loša navika. Drugo, kada si vrijeđao Vanija, Acu i ostale da su ˝četnici˝, rekao sam ti da to ne radiš i da ću vas uvijek kickovati kada se počnete ponašati tako. I Miletu (Zero) sam to rekao i momak me je poslušao i prestao, ali ti si idalje nastavio to da radiš. Kickovao sam te iz rooma zato što si počeo da pričaš svakakve gluposti i svi te znaju kakav si, nema potrebe ja išta da pričam. Ako sam ja toxic, ako sam te zezao a ti si se uvrijedio onda izvini, ali znam šta sam tebi pričao i da si se naljutio na moju rečenicu ˝ovaj ti je rekao da si loš boliću˝ što i jeste rekao na Discordu jer si bio mutiran. To ti je moj razlog, i kada god se budeš ponašao toksično i budeš vrijeđao i svađao se ja ću kickovati i tebe i lika sa kojim se svađaš. Lijep pozdrav.

English: Firstly, none insulted you, or anybody has said anything bad to you, when we played spar, we played, but when we were joking, we were joking. Maybe you have photos of me joking and you wanna use them now that I am always doing that, that is a very bad habit from you. Secondly, when you insulted Vani, Aca and other Serbs calling them Chetniks, I told you that you dont do that, else I will kick you when you start acting like that. I said that also to Mile (Zero) and he listened to me and stopped doing that and started acting normal, but you continued doing that. I kicked you from room because you starting talking a lot of nonsense and everybody where you played knows how you are acting, so I don't have to say anything. If I am toxic, and if I joked with you and you felt insulted then sorry, but I know what i said to you and that you became angry on my sentence ˝this guy said to you that you are bad bolić˝ what he actually said on Discord because you were muted. That is my reason, and whenever you start acting toxic, you start insulting other players ingame and argue with them about their nationality, their religion, or anything else i will kick you from dedicated room, you and the guy you are arguing with if he starts insulting you. Greetings

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