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World Cup U21



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World Cup U21

"World Cup U21" is a cup of U21 national teams which will face each other to win victory
This cup is organized by the administrators of Ball 3D Turkish and Italian community.

Game Settings:
● Match: 5vs5
● Time: 10 minutes in both countries, first in the local, after in the visitor. Example: Argentina vs Ukraine. First it is played in Argentina, then in Ukraine.
● Stadium: Real Football
● Ball: Normal 01
● Overtime: NO
● Room slots: 16
● Extra Time: 3 in both countries.
● Penalties: 5 shots for both teams - The host is neutral, the teams has to choose a keeper. Keeper can't be swappable during penalties.
● Days enabled to play: From Monday to Sunday

By registering for the tournament, you are accepting that you and your team read each and every one of the rules stated in this post.
The staff of this cup and that of Ball3D will not be responsible for unsportsmanlike attitudes of any player in the course of it.

● Your team must have a minimum amount of 5 players (you included) and a maximum amount of 13 players.
● The matches will be played 5vs5, if one national team player is absent, that team can play with 4 players. Playing 5vs4 is allowed, playing 4vs4 is forbidden.
● A player can run forward with the ball from the goal kick, from the corner kick and from the outs.
● Playing with two accounts in the same team or in different teams is forbidden.
● Players can't play with a nickname different from the registered one in the team roster.
● If a player is the only playing in his country and he cannot form a national team, he can be registered with another national team (possibly near to the player's country). This kind of players will be named "foreigners". A national team can have only up to 4 "foreigners".
● The matches can't start without one referee. If permitted by an organizator, the match can start without referee, but you have to send recordings of the match, or it will be invalid. Teams who start a match without a referee and without any superior permission, will be severely punished.
● If a team doesn't want to play, ban referee or opposite players, opposite team instantly wins.
● The national teams can acquire and delete players only before the final round start. You must communicate the transfers writing a reply in the official Discord group, any other communication method is strictly forbidden.
● During the match, the players must type in Team Chat. Only the team captain can type in global chat, when needed. If a team wants the game paused, the team captain must type it in global chat. If the captain is not playing, he will decide who will be the on-field captain for let him talk.
● Insults to referees, opposite team or players, racism, threats, defiances, provocations and this kind of things will be banned from the tournament, assigning a penalty to the team or players involved in the fact.
● Referees MUST have admin rights, but you can give admin rights to team captains only if asked from them.
● The game can be paused only when the ball is out, or the team who asks it has ball possession, or in the case of one player's crash from the room.
● Substitutions are possible only with referee permission. When a substitution is needed, the referee must pause the game ONLY with dead ball, when the ball is not playing and the timer is frozen.
● There'll not be dates for the matches, team captains must decide together the day and the time to play. You must communicate the match time writing a reply in the official Discord group, any other communication method will be invalid.
● The matchs is play in two halves in country rooms, but matches between European countries or between American countries can play on a dedicated server.
● Changing match time some days before the match start is reccomended.
● If one player receives red card, tournament staff will decide how much suspension matches the player will get (minimum is 1, up to the rest of the tournament).
● If one player receives a red card, the team can't sub the expelled player and it must play on 4vs5.
● The two national teams must play within +15 mins from the match time (Example: if the match is at 15:00, the two teams need to start within 15:15). However, the captains can decide to wait more minutes before start. Maximum waiting time is 30 minutes from the match time.
● If the room lags unusually (+150 ping and depending from the two teams' geolocation: in American and Asian hosts max ping affordable is 400. If anti-lag is released before the start of the tournament, the referee will decide if there is high lag or not) the other team can change host, if two teams can't find a better host the match can be played in a neutral one.
The referee will decide if the game is playable.
● Activating items (Shot effects and Visual Effects, even not animated) during the game is forbidden. Celebrations are allowed.
● Using jitterclick, autoclick or any external program and hack for enhance your gameplay is strictly prohibited and it will be punished disqualifying the player/team involved. Referees must recognize if someone is using one of these or not.
● Matches' times are expressed in CET time (Central European Time)
● Group Stage and Final Round informations will be communicated after the registrations period end.
● Referees' rules will be discussed in a private conference.
● The referees must pass the replays and the statistics in the official Discord group
● You can report bad or favoring referring in the official Discord group, posting as a reply all the needed evidences to penalize the referee.
● You can report troubles with other teams in the official Discord group, posting as a reply all the needed evidences to prove those troubles.
● You can report fake players or national teams in the Discord group, posting as a reply all the needed evidences to prove that.
● You MUST report inactive or retired teams in the official Discord group, posting as a reply all the needed evidences to prove that, for avoiding misorganization and trouble with teams.
● Falsifying evidences is strictly forbidden and it can be punished by a ban from the tournament.
● Two streamers are allowed to stream the same game only if both teams are agree.
● When one half ends and the teams change host, the host must wait to close the room for letting the referee to save recordings and goals. The room can't be closed without referee's permission.
● After the semifinals, the losers teams will fight in the 3rd place final.
● If referees lose any recording, streamers and players have to witness goals (at least), assists, saves.
● There will be prizes for best scorer, best assistman, best goalkeeper and others.
● To be able to use foreigners, they need a minimum of 5 national players

- Wonderful (Devil#3313)

- Sagitter (Sagitter#5915)

Referees (Every National team must have a minimum of 1 refree for national , and every refrees need to refree 1 match)

-Sagitter (Italy)
-Wonderful (Turkey)
-Allstar_ (italy)
- AlphonsoDavies(Turkey)
- Dejoo (Bosnia)
- Majoneez (Poland)
- Whitechicken (Germany)
- X

Registration module:
National Team:
Team tag:
Captain and 2nd captain:
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended):
Opinions or expectations about the tournament (optional):
Referee of your team:
Logo or flag:

After registering your team, the captain and the players must enter the official discord, where they will have all the information about when and where the matches will be played.
Also all captains should speak to the private, specifying which country is captain.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sSMxffu
IMPORTANT!!! Enter the discord, there you will be notified if the rules are modified. In addition, the dates of the matches and others will be agreed

Registration deadline: 17/03/2019
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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: TURKEY 21
Team tag: TUR21
Captain and 2nd captain: Wonderful(C) & Murphy (C)
Players: Wonderful Murphy Zzabaleta SergioAguero Zimperia Compact SurrienT Campbell HolidayResort Flashey Hazard Pessao pdA
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended): Wonderful & Murphy Devil#3313 Murphy#5315
Flag: http://flagshub.com/public/images/flag-of-turkey.png
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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: Peru
Team tag: PER21
Captain and 2nd captain: DaxuD and Woozle
Players: DaxuD, Steve347, ItzTheGhost, IDarkingI, MG6, Elsaness, crhox, Ale1212, D1E6O111, EnderQuare, kpashopaperro, Woozle, Strajker
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended):DaxuD#0152 steve347#9298
Opinions or expectations about the tournament (optional): I hope it will be soon.
Logo or flag: https://ibb.co/NK7D5rd
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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: Italy 21
Team tag: ITA21
Captain and 2nd captain: AllStar(C) & Fanta (VC)
Players: Benji, AllStar_, Fanta, Emineas, Slendy, Canesecco, BlackFire, Obliviate, Sagitter, Tombecker, woK, Antolin, ShockeD
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended): AllStar#1537, Fanta#0999
Flag: https://ibb.co/fXzznBb
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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: United Kingdom U21
Team Tag: UK-21
Captain and 2nd captain: Naka67 (C) FlyingCabbage(VC)
Players: Naka67, Aluminum, tom26maj, Adakz, FlyingCabbage, Phoban, DickDick, Gotzino, Chipra, Johnterry_, Rollino, Purdy, JackyM
Flag: http://flagshub.com/public/images/flag- ... ingdom.png


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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: Romania U21
Team Tag: ro21_
Captain and 2nd captain: bexey_ (C) , pateU (VC)
Players: pateU , varw , miha69 , bexey_ , revenge_ , yachty , mihai50b , Rodrigues , balmont , JCillessen , jonathanayite , jackjoker , mafo
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended): bexey
#8743 , DeNNySهاني#7464
Flag : https://besthqwallpapers.com/Uploads/10 ... n-flag.jpg


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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: Bosnia and Herzegovina U21
Team tag: BiH21
Captain and 2nd captain: wazza_ and dejoo
Players: wazza_, dejoo, bolic, adnan, bale10, zero, topa, pjanic_15, madskiller
Captain and 2nd captain contacts (Discord reccomended): wazza_#1318, Dejoo#9859
Logo or flag: https://imgur.com/YqBzRnd


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Re: World Cup U21

National Team: Russia
Team tag: RU-J
Captain and 2nd captain: Nisannn (Nisannn#3537) and Xlorid (Xlorid#8501)
Players: Nisannn(c) | Feeta | Spartak_221 | Xlorid(c) | Nirkil09 | toxicс | ndy | lomtik | Asensio10 | lac | djerar | kenyy | Hockeybro8 |
Logo or flag: https://imgur.com/a/JYpgpC3


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Re: World Cup U21

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=19675 you should register here
Facebook: fb.com/sercanbayrambeyy

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