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Ball3d Nation League S2 | BNL2


The Ball 3D Nation League is a League of Nation Team and For U21 which will face each other to win
This Cup will be organized by the german administrators of Ball 3D (Nesta14 & _WhiteChicken_)

Game Settings:
● Match: 5vs5
● Time: 10 minutes
● Location: European Server (if there play Team who have bad pings in European Server. They Need to host in own Server with. 1h at his host and 1h at the other host![Host from the captain])
● Stadium: Real Football
● 2 Halfs
● Ball: Normal 01
● Overtime: NO
● Room slots: 34

By registering for the tournament, you are accepting that you and your team read each and every one of the rules stated in this post.
The staff of this cup and that of Ball3D will not be responsible for unsportsmanlike attitudes of any player in the course of it.

● Your team must have a minimum amount of 5 players (you included) and a maximum amount of 13 players.
● The matches will be played 5vs5, if one national team player is absent, that team can play with 4 players. Playing 5vs4 is allowed, playing 4vs4 is forbidden.
● A player can run forward with the ball from the goal kick, from the corner kick and from the outs.
● Playing with two accounts in the same team or in different teams is forbidden.
● Players can't play with a nickname different from the registered one in the team roster.
● If a player is the only playing in his country and he cannot form a national team, he can be registered with another national team (possibly near to the player's country). This kind of players will be named "foreigners". A national team can have only up to 4 "foreigners".
● The matches can't start without one referee. If permitted by an organizator, the match can start without referee, but you have to send recordings of the match, or it will be invalid. Teams who start a match without a referee and without any superior permission, will be severely punished.
● If a team doesn't want to play, ban referee or opposite players, opposite team instantly wins.
● The national teams can acquire and delete players only before the final round start. You must communicate the transfers writing a reply in the official Discord group, any other communication method is strictly forbidden.
● During the match, the players must type in Team Chat. Only the team captain can type in global chat, when needed. If a team wants the game paused, the team captain must type it in global chat. If the captain is not playing, he will decide who will be the on-field captain for let him talk.
● Insults to referees, opposite team or players, racism, threats, defiances, provocations and this kind of things will be banned from the tournament, assigning a penalty to the team or players involved in the fact.

    - Obey_dave
    - _Whitechicken_

    - Tricksta
    - Eisblume

    - Frakko
    - Narve
    - NormLife
    - Lamb

Registration module:
At our Discord Server!

How we gonna play this league:
We have a special BOT who makes our statistic!
- All Week 1 Match!
- All statistic at our Website!
- We playing in a League format!

Our Discord:

Register Phase will finish at 15.11.2019