Post 26 Oct 2019, 22:15

Official league`s


I have an idea that you write down a certain number of league somewhere and then you look for "5 Leagues" then the "Official Partner Leagues of B3D" sind.Die then, a separate category get the game Ball3D and every league gets "1 room" where they could play in the league (with rights and password gun, but it can not be a "multisport" room as many players would use it for something else). 
What good is it for us? 

- There would be more players again.

- The game would work more professionally about new players. 

- Old players would want to ball 3D again because this is not only of me but of at least 150 players and that's more than half of the players a day! If you do not believe me. Should the players vote here! 

Yours _WhiteChicken_

2nd Admin Germany