The first update

Hello dear Ball 3D Community. I would like to welcome you and say thank you for playing my game.

I am super excited to announce the first update in the history of the game. Without further ado, here is the change log:

– The kick stays loaded for 300ms (it was 0ms before). It means that you can load the power bar to the level you want when you are not touching the ball and it will kick the ball even if you will touch it after some time (but not more than 300ms). It should make the kick easier (especially the shots from the air and the first touch shots.
– A new “Big” stadium, the one that was named “Big” before is now “Huge”.
– The room list is now sorted by the country. Your country is on top of the list.
– The room list is now optimized (many little and big bugs have been fixed).
– The mini goals are now a little bit higher.
– The lag on the overtime is fixed now.
– You can see the version number in the bottom left corner of the game (in the room list).
– You can kick with the Left Shift now.
– In game chat now stays on the screen for 6 seconds (it was 4 seconds before).
– You can use Backspace during the game to open the in-game chat with the “/t” already typed in (it will let you send the message only to your team).
– Maximum sensitivity is now equal to 20.

– Many little bugs in the chat have been fixed.
– You can use commands in the chat:

  • /clear or /c – clear the chat
  • /team or /t – send the message only to the players from your team (red, blue or spectators)
  • /sensitivity or /sens – set the mouse sensitivity
  • /help – show the command list

I can’t wait to see the new kick in action. Now the game should be more fun. Tell me what you think about the changes and the game itself in comments.

I will tell you about some of the features I want to implement in the near future:
– I want to improve the net code.
– Replays.
– Giving the admin rights to other players.
– Statistics and the “best players of the match” feature.
– Custom “shirts” for teams. You will be able to register the team and make it look as you wish.
– Much more stadiums in different sceneries (Would you like to play on Mars? Or maybe in Space without gravity? Just let me know.).
– Other sports (like basketball).
– Forum will be available soon.
– New website will be available soon.

My goal is simple: I want to make the most fun game in the universe. You can help me by posting your ideas and suggestions in your comments. See you in the field!

PS: Tell your friends about the game by clicking the LIKE button.
PS2: If you would like to see Ball 3D on ESL, you can tell that here: BALL 3D on ESL


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108 Responses to The first update

  1. Maniek says:

    Enjoy the game :) There will be a new website soon.

  2. Baegger says:

    Not too much, please… Different sceneries/sports sounds nice, but if you create too much different things, the main idea of the game would be destroyed…

    • Maniek says:

      I don’t want to destroy the main idea of the game. I will make new sceneries for sure, but the sports are up to you. If you will want it I will make it.

  3. Asfaltatore says:

    This update is very useful and interesting to improve the game.
    For the next updates, I hope that there is priority in “Replays”, in “Giving the admin rights to other players”, but especially “account system with registration and login” to avoid running into kids.

    Best regards,

  4. Kofor says:

    Super! Czekamy na kolejne :)

  5. lahoal says:

    hey the game so far is great. Saw a few bugs out there, but I’m sure you saw them too.
    Quick question, as the most of us playing your game so far come from another SIMILAR GAME IN TWO DEES, if you know that I’m talking about haxball. I know there is one whole DEE of difference, but haxball is well developed so far, has great stability and cool features you’re already copying, emuling, getting-inspired-from.

    Can we talk about haxball as a measure of comparison?

    keep it up!

    • Maniek says:

      Hey, thank you for your feedback. There is a chance, that I don’t know about some bugs, so please tell me more :)

      I don’t quite understand your question.

      I will tell you the story of Ball 3D. I was making games for the iPhone for the last year, but it didn’t go well for me (I am trying to make games for a living). So I decided to try with multiplayer game. I decided to make a simple soccer game (I was playing football during the whole childhood). I wanted the players to have legs, but in the early stage of development I have changed my mind.

      Most people compare my game to Haxball but it’s a different game. The menu is obviously inspired by Haxball. I did this because I knew that players from the Haxball Community may want to try my game as well. The idea of the game is absolutely unique though. I was playing Haxball during the development, because I am always playing games similar to the one I am making. It’s easier to make a game when you are a player.

      I will list the differences between Ball 3D and Haxball:
      - 3D
      - you can jump
      - you have a power bar when kicking
      - you can even fly if you want to

      As you can see from this list, Ball 3D has much more possibilities than Haxball, it’s also more difficult to master. I am not saying that my game is better, it’s different. You have to decide for yourself what gives you more fun :) If you are not sure, then play both.

      My conclusion: If you want to compare the game to Haxball, then go ahead, but for me it’s a different game. The idea was not inspired by Haxball (the menu was).

  6. Sainty says:

    Good update, waiting for new one.
    Also! It will be cool if we could close in-game menu by ESCAPE)

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your opinion. Unfortunately it’s not possible to implement this. When you press Esc the game lose focus (I can’t do anything about it). To give the focus back to the game, you have to click on it. The only solution is to use other key (like TAB) to open and closing. I will probably implement this in the future.

      • Woo-Cash says:

        Tab byłby w porządku. Drugą sprawą, podobną, jest to, żeby nie włączało się menu przy wciskaniu alt-tab, trochę to denerwuje, bo trzeba potem myszą zamykać.

        • Maniek says:

          You have to click on the game window to return the mouse focus to the game. So you would have to click somewhere anyway. The Close Menu buttons is the only way to close the menu, exactly for this reason.

  7. m says:

    Hi Maniek,

    First off, I’d like to say that this is amazing. I was born in the era of DOS computers, and its incredible to see multiplayer 3D games now where you can find 100′s of opponents just by going to a website.

    From a gameplay standpoint, I think the 3d element this game gets around a lot of the problems in Haxball. In haxball, games aren’t really good above 3 or 4 players, and in 4 player games, you can just put a lot of people in front of the net and the game gets sort of boring. Well you can’t park the bus here, and 6v6 is completely doable.

    I really think you have to fix the lag though if you want the game to catch on in the Americas, because it feels like the original Quake as far as responsiveness goes. The game is fine when everyone is close to the server, but as soon as you get higher than about 80 ping, it’s incredibly hard to play like you would at 0 ping. (Basically, it’s impossible to aim shots and it’s very hard to hit balls out of the air). Contrast this to haxball, where I can play at 90% of my max in 120 ping as I can in 0 ping. The other reason I think you should focus on the net code is because it’s useful for any other game you might want to make. For example, baseball, basketball, and auto racing are very popular sports around the world, but everyone always seems to focus on soccer and hockey. I think if you get the network code down, you could have several different games.

    The iPhone development story got me thinking about other money-making ideas you could pursue with the Ball3D approach. Here’s an ambitious idea for a business model: you could get professional sports leagues to sponsor multiplayer sports games based on your engine on their websites. For example, the premier league has a very rudimentary “gaming” page (, but if you could play as your favorite player in a 3v3 match vs other fans (with human models, ad billboards in the background, etc), well I think that might be very popular =). Car companies put out a lot of these types of things too from my observations (e.g.., It doesn’t even need to be sports either; there might be lots of companies out there that just want a multiplayer 3d something as a gimmick. Way back when the internet was starting and I was a little kid, I remember going to the corn pops (the breakfast cereal) to play stupid flash games. Even armed forces have multiplayer games: (

    Anyways, I haven’t seen many browser-based multiplayer *3D* games that are this well done, and basically none that are designed to promote or advertise something. So if you get the ball3d game down, you might be able to get interest from a lot of big companies with deep pockets =). Just my 2 cents.

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your 2 cents :) I didn’t know that I have to approve some comments, that’s why your comment didn’t show up.

      I want to improve the code, but it would introduce some paradoxes. In this type of game it’s impossible to hide them completely. In the near future I will try to implement the code and we will see if it will work.

  8. Shayke says:

    Hey,i’m one of the first players from israel,and i really enjoy ur game,i hope u can make a basketball one,with a basket,it will be so fun :D
    Also,replays and giving admin to other people should be a big priority,also work alot on trying to get this to ESL,it will be famous and maybe u will receive donates,which will motivate and help you.
    A forum is good an a new design would also be good.
    custom shirts is awesome.
    “best players of the match” and statistics is really great,i hope u implement it.
    a tennis mode will be hillarious and it really fits the game(because u can kick the ball high).
    A option that would make the game more fun and real is Full-Screen,when u will create the new web with new design,u can add full screen option which will most people like.

    Thanks :D

  9. Aגןר says:

    Hey Maniek

    i love this game!
    but i have just 20 ping and i have a big delay!!
    when i click on space its take something like 3 seconds to after he start jump
    also on the move keys…
    when i click left its take 3 sceonds..

    please fix thats next update :D

    • Maniek says:

      Do you really mean 3 seconds? The delay should be equal to about: ping + 90ms so in your case 110ms. It may be worse if the server is not good enough to handle 60fps.

      I already have an idea how to fix this. If everything will go the way I want, you will be able to play like on your own server with 0ms.

      You have to give me some time. It took me one month to make the game and this is my first network game. I wanted to show you the game before EURO :) The netcode is the first thing I am going to fix.

  10. Suarez says:

    Hey , i don’t know how to explain it and how can you make it better , but its not easy to direct where you wanna pass or if you want to score , try to make it easier.. it’s not fun like that , thanks.

    • Maniek says:

      Well one part of the answer is the skill. You just need to train more. Don’t expect to be a master after one day of playing. The second part is the delay. I will try to do something about this.

  11. krien says:

    it would be nice, if I am able to cancel the establishing the connection to a server.
    P.S Sorry for my bad Englisch, I hope you understand me tough.

  12. Lucas says:

    Hi! I have spotted a few bugs, probably you already saw it but just in case:

    *You can double jump on the corners
    *You can double jump on the crossbar
    *If 2 players jumps at the same time with some coordination you can get to the roof and keed floating there.

    About new features, how about…

    Changing the “kick loaded time”, maybe a bit more would improve the gameplay (or maybe not, just try it).
    Add a distance measure or something like that, sometimes it’s hard to say how far the ball is when you are the keeper.
    Jump bar, just like kick bar but for knowing how high are you going to jump.
    Maybe something flashing when the other player is loading the kick, just like haxball.

    • Lucas says:

      I forgot 2 things:

      *Canceling the connection to a room.
      *Some key to cancel the kick load.

      • Lucas says:

        Even more:

        Prefixed spect cameras, like “Top” or so.
        Fix some problems with vision being screwed by crossbar
        Adding or quiting zoom with mousewheel.

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your suggestions. The flying bugs are just too fun to fix. I don’t consider them bugs anymore. It’s part of the gameplay. Is there any more fun in this world than jumping very high?

      Too many bars on the screen will make the game too complicated. I would like the game to be easy to learn and hard to master. We will see in the future, but for now I will avoid additional bars.

      Canceling the kick would complicate the game. Most of the time (always?) you don’t want to do this anyway. I didn’t find myself in a situation, where I would like to cancel my kick. There is no time for this in the game.

      I am going to make a new stadium in the next update, I will call it “Pong” or something like that. It will be exactly like the small stadium, but you will be able to move only on your half of the field.

  13. Sherif says:

    1 Aktualizacja suuper :)

    P.S: Już nie mogę doczekać się tych Powtórek :)

  14. Shayke says:

    Will the pong map will be like tennis or something? will it look like normal soccer pitch?

    • Maniek says:

      It will look like a normal stadium. But I will make a special stadium for tennis in the future (if this is what you people want).

  15. B0$$ [PT] says:


    Congratulations for the game, I’m getting used to the game day by day, and it’s becoming more addicted!

    I also got some suggestions to make:

    * Maybe try to make the website a little more appealing, it’s a little bit “empty” and kind of “poor”;
    * Have a key to close de menu in game, I sometimes press TAB to chat (haxball thing) and then e have to go with the mouse to close it;
    * Remove the birds singing xD (I don’t think anyone likes them);
    * The goal bar is annoying when you pass near it, can’t see anything…

    The game is brand new, it’s great and I think it has a great future with some tweaks and a few changes :)

    Keep up the good work man!

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you.
      I will change the website. You have to close the menu with your mouse, because it’s the only way to return the mouse focus to the game. Use ENTER to chat or BACKSPACE to team-chat. You can turn the birds off in the menu (ambient: off). The goal bar will be semi transparent in the future.

  16. Cezarro says:

    No new sports!
    New shirts = perfect
    Statisctics would be great also :)

  17. ωoo-cαsн says:

    When I’m watching a game in a ghost mode (in spect), after every goal I’m put into the middle spot. It’s annoying, spectators’ position shouldn’t be reset after goals, because I have to go to a viewing position every several seconds.

  18. almo says:

    Please make a ball1d.

  19. Eldin says:

    mi piace questo haxball3d

  20. 20matan says:

    hi admin.
    this game is awsome , is very good and has a big potential
    i got some ideas that may to make the game better:

    -a registeration system – the most important thing that haxball has’nt , and i can promise u if u will do registeration system – the game will be much more pupular

    - giving admin to other player – if the admin will be afk for some minutes, he will be able to let some1 else admin , so we wont have to open a new room.

    -replaying system – for sharing games and goal

    - cancel the warmingap , it just not good , becouse when we do captains (they choose the men for theyr own team in the game) they just continue play, and it really annoying, so i suggest that before the admin start the game it just show the room menu, like haxball ….

    - important too – do the game in esl , i mean , ladders in esl , it will be great..

    - avatar for each player, a number on the shirt so i can recognize where is the player that i looking for…

    - an option for makin a new maps for this game, llike tennis and pingpong and all what anyone will just want to…

    i think that u should to implenet for some of the suggestions, those suggestions can do the game much better :)

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your suggestions.

      1) What do you mean by “registration”? I want to do something like that in the future, but only for people who will want to and probably without the nick reservation. It will let you see your statistics, create your own teams with custom shirts etc.

      2) and 3) I am going to do admin and replay features soon.

      4) I don’t get it. Now players can have fun all the time, even when you are picking players, they don’t have to wait in the menu but can play.

      5) You should ask ESL about this. I would love to see my game there. All I can do is to make the game better.

      6) Avatars (numbers) look lame (I have tested). It’s probably because of the camera angle. But I will think about that.

      7) I will make new maps myself, at least for now. In the future, who knows.

  21. 20matan says:

    hi admin.
    please do as fast as you can replaying system becouse every game in esl must contain replayins system , so it imposible to add the game to esl untill u do replaying system :\
    so please do it as fast as you cant, if it will be in esl much more people will play in this game

    • Maniek says:

      I know I know this is the most important feature on my list. It should be ready be the end of this week. I will start to implement this in a few days.

  22. Adir says:


    how much time its will take to create a basketball game on 3D??

    i really love basketball and i think there is a lot of fans of basketball.

  23. Maniek says:
    The last post is about ESL. If ESL is what you want, then help the game and LIKE the last post on the wall.

  24. Gino says:

    add a radar system like fifa and/or push button for rear view

  25. Pino says:

    add more colours xD

  26. Mino says:

    i think that is better the “tab” button for chat

  27. ωoo-cαsн says:

    Nie chce mi się sprechać po angielsku. Tak jak Gino wspomniał – spojrzenie do tyłu np. na środkowym przycisku myszy (jak chociażby w GTA) to świetny pomysł. Piłkarz ma możliwość odwrócenia głowy, tutaj jak spróbujesz myszą, to tracisz metry.
    To, co mnie najbardziej wkurza, poza tym wszystkim, co jest wymienione we wszystkich komentarzach, to skok. Jak skaczesz i nagle pod tobą znajdzie się piłka lub inny zawodnik, to nagle skok robi się przynajmniej dwa razy wyższy. Chcesz wyskoczyć lekko, a lecisz nie wiadomo ile, przez co tracisz możliwość uderzenia, tracisz piłkę i w ogóle.

    • Maniek says:

      Jak odwrócisz głowę w normalnym życiu to też wolniej biegniesz. Coś za coś, chcesz mieć informacje co się za Tobą dzieje – odwróć się :)

      When you turn your head in the real life, you are running slower. If you want the information about what is going on behind you – you have to turn around :)

      • ωoo-cαsн says:

        No dobra, zgadzam się z tym, że nie da się patrzeć do tyłu i biec na pełnej prędkości do przodu. To może inne rozwiązanie, wzięte z życia. Jesteś w stanie rozejrzeć się lekko bez zwalniania, więc może zrobić tak, że środkowy przycisk myszki aktywuje rozglądanie się. Nie za mocno, 45 stopni w obie strony (choć w rzeczywistości można i prawie 90 stopni). Przecież zawodnik, żeby widzieć partnera, nie biegnie bokiem, a tutaj niestety trzeba.

        I agree that you can’t look backward and run forward at full speed. So maybe another solution, taken from life. You can look a little aside without slowing down, so maybe you could do middle button to activate looking around. Not too much, 45 degrees both sides (yet irl you can look almost 90 degrees). Player, to see his partner, doesn’t run sideways, and here you have to do this.

        • Maniek says:

          I don’t want to complicate the gameplay. Besides I would need more players who would want this feature.

  28. always-me says:

    it’s possible make a invisible crossbar?

  29. 19dolev says:

    Hello admin.
    I have some ideas to make your game better:

    1. Login system. Its can be very good to Ball 3D because in the future maybe this game is will be more popular, and more players come to ball 3D, and if someone will be very good, people will want to fake him, and its annoying, so you can do this from now. and people leave HaxBall and come to ball 3d because haxball dont have login system.

    2. Custom shirts; its like avatars in haxball.. you choose 2 letters or numbers and its on your player. its good to find the player im looking for faster.

    3. Fast menu exit; if you click TAB and enter the game menu, u need to click Leave Menu and its annoying. do that when you click tab again its will exit the menu.

    4. cancel the warmingup

    5. giving admin to other player; if the leader of the room is afk you can give him admin that he can manage the room.

    6. replaying system; you can record clan wars, or goals and upload it to forums or youtube.

    7. option to make maps , like haxball: you can create tennis map, huge map or however what people want to :)

    i think that u should to implenet for some of the suggestions, those suggestions can do the game much better :)

  30. A.Pcho says:

    add an option to build maps

  31. staniol says:

    Could use a key to close the chat box and discard the text, such as pressing DEL when the cursor is at the end of the chat string, for when you change your mind about saying something. Could also use a key to close the chat box but preserve text to finish the sentence later when you open the chat box again, in case you start typing and then see the ball coming to your area.

  32. Maniek says:

    Thank you for all your comments. I will implement most of the features you want. Now I am working on replays, so I am quite busy :) I already have a nice idea for basketball, so stay tuned.

  33. ωoo-cαsн says:

    Nie wiem, czy się spotkałeś, ale jest taki fajny bug. Po strzelonej bramce, jak kopiesz sobie piłkę i trafisz dokładnie w momencie wznowienia, to piłka zamiast czekać na środku, sama się wznawia, ruszając powoli.

    • Maniek says:

      I know about this bug, I will try to fix it.

      • ωoo-cαsн says:

        Spotkałem się dwukrotnie z jeszcze jednym bugiem, znacznie rzadszym. Hoster w pewnym momencie, wrzucając siebie na boisko, kamerę miał tak, jakby dalej był na ławce. Klawiatura jednocześnie ruszała krążkiem oraz jego kamerą “ghost mode”. Co gorsza, w jednym przypadku restart pokoju mu nie pomógł, bo niemal od razu błąd powrócił.

  34. Player says:

    Will you add feature game “ban”?

  35. jebaniec says:

    jak w to zagrać?

  36. Eduardo says:

    I do not know what happens when I enter the site to play the game loads and then appears: Failed to initialize 3D rendering. Make sure you have DirectX 9 and video card drivers installed.

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  47. Rad says:

    Maniek the room continuous beats I do not play games please that problem solve.

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  49. Kaan Dursub says:

    Maniek Coins plesea 1800 :( and please come new game modes

  50. Anonymous says:

    Maniek you give coins my account Calleri10 please 1800 coins please

  51. jamie zygmunt says:

    i need to know how to power shoot.

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