Update 1.007

We have an update! I hope you will like it.

- You can now give admin rights to other players.
- You can ban other players.
- New buttons: Reset and Random.
- Network code has been changed a bit. Now when you play 1v1 or 2v2 you will have 33ms smaller latency, when you will play 3v3, the latency should be 17ms smaller, 4v4 and more stays as it was before.
- Other small improvements.


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5 Responses to Update 1.007

  1. Giannaros says:

    Good job!

  2. Ddraig says:

    I give admin rights to other players and they banned each other :D

  3. Lina says:

    Mum And Dad And Tina Me And play FootBall Colld Roosters Thenk You

  4. MATU says:

    el mejor

  5. Damisk8 says:

    Alto juego! :D