Update 1.010 (T-shirts)

Finally! The new update is here. It’s a big one. Since now you will be able to play in your own T-shirts! Here is the changelog:

– Custom T-shirts (also in replays).
– Network code has been changed a little.
– Capital letters now work fine in the team chat.
– You can now join to the room by double clicking it in the server list.
– You can now confirm the password with Enter.
– Many other improvements.

If you want to have a custom T-shirt for your team, then go to the options in the game. You will have to upload two pictures and pick two colors. Then I will have to accept your choice. After this you will have to write a special code into the appropriate field in the options. The T-shirts will be active only, if all people in the same team have the same code!

It’s all pretty easy. I hope you like the update.

If you like Ball 3D, remember to tell your friends about the game. The more players will play, the more fun we will all have!


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45 Responses to Update 1.010 (T-shirts)

  1. Norm | 4s says:

    Hello , ı was see a problem on t-shirt change. Color component is do not have a default value. White colour is default as but not. Pedding problem but not true. We are waiting more update action.
    Thank you, this game developed for us.

  2. oguz says:

    i upload 3 128-128 px picture but they were all rejected. Why!?

  3. Ròmáñ(Spanish) says:

    A question you can tell me the code for that shirt? I say this because I really liked.
    I enjoyed the updates but take long to accept.

  4. Lech says:

    I’m trying to make t-shirts did not agree to submit a png file and image sayafa not install yazısınada tıklanmıyor bi Could you find a solution?

    Ben t-shirt yapmaya çalışırken hiç bir png dosyasını kabul etmedi submit yazısınada tıklanmıyor ve resim sayafa yuklenmiyor bi çözüm bulabilir misiniz ?

  5. Destan says:

    Ben forma isterim

  6. Destan | OT says:

    Ben forma isterim

  7. Destan | OT says:

    Ben forma isterim ama forma yapamıyorum

  8. EML says:


  9. fcb real352 says:


  10. DROGBA says:

    can you tell me some tshirt codes

  11. X says:

    i upload 3 128-128 px picture but they were all rejected. Why?!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mój klub

  13. GolcuKinq says:

    Thank you so much

  14. Au2-marley says:

    sa ben pro olcamda

  15. kew10gn says:

    Maniek potwierdż mi tą koszulke

  16. berkevil says:

    I m t.shirts could not Can you help

  17. berkevil says:

    wonder t.sirts codi what If you say would ve happy

  18. [I]TypjhloHazard says:

    Hello I wanted to know as a code of ball3d or ball2d becomes thanks :)

  19. Matej says:

    top game

  20. Matej says:

    :D :D :D top game

  21. Matej says:

    sdsdsdsds top game lololol :D D

  22. Matej says:

    But no, this is top game ^.^

  23. Matej says:

    But no, this is top game ^.^ heh

  24. Matej says:

    But no, this is top game ^.^ 0004

  25. ozer says:

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  26. RappeLand says:

    X did code but have not been accepted

  27. _x_gs pro_x_ says:

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  28. Daniel says:


  29. xdfdsdds says:

    forma isterim

  30. burak says:

    forma isterim

  31. _IsuarezI_ says:


  32. Luuiz says:

    Ola eu tou querendo um code para Bad 3D tem um code lah

  33. Lord25250 says:


  34. KrepinDiatta says:

    Hoffenheim için forma istiyorum