Update 1.018 – New Stadium

This time I have something special. It’s a new unusual Friends Stadium. Would you like to be immortal? Now you have a chance!

Become a friend of Ball 3D and I will put your name in the game on the Friends Monument! Your name will stay there forever:

How to become the Friend:

1) Post the link http://www.ball3d.com on your Facebook wall.

2) Go to http://www.facebook.com/ball3dgame, LIKE the page if you didn’t do this already and write private message to us. In this message tell us what name or nickname you want to see on the monument (it can’€™t be too long).

3) We will put your name on the monument in the next update.

You can see more details here: http://www.ball3d.com/friends

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One Response to Update 1.018 – New Stadium

  1. Kozmoz says:

    Hi , My nick name is Kozmoz. I play in LG team. I have play this game since when ball3d crated. I suggest a lot of things about the new updates and report the bugs to Maniek. My name is Mehmet Serdar İşler in facebook. Please put my nick name to the Monument. Thx anyway :)