Update 1.032

New stadiums!

- New Stadiums: Darts and Darts Pong!
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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6 Responses to Update 1.032

  1. ElMeniNOReimAN|FDP says:

    Maniek help us please, in the rooms that i have more lag, there are usually many bugs like the score doesn´t appear, the time stops and goals stay in the front of the screen, one week ago i started to have this problems and now some of my friends have these too. Try to correct the bugs so that we can play correctly.

  2. Dans[TP] says:

    Hello, I like the new map, but I ask you when was create a Basketball camp and ball? I’m waitting a long time.

  3. Maniek says:

    I will try to make basketball soon.

    That bug you are talking about, does it happen only on Darts stadium?

  4. iROEN says:

    Can you make Darts BIG and HUGE

  5. Fırat says: