Update 1.033

Big Update!!!

- Statistics and rankings!!!
- Hockey stadium has been improved.
- New command in the chat: /unbanall – it will remove all bans from the server.
- Bug fixes and improvements.

We have the Best Players ranking. You are gaining points while you are playing.
Goal: +70, Assist: +50, Accurate Kick: +30, Ball Interception: +20,
Ball Loss: -20, Ball Possession: +1 for every second.

You can use “Copy to Clipboard” button, to copy the stats into your clipboard. You can then share them with your friends!

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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2 Responses to Update 1.033

  1. Ciro Immobile says:

    Oh yessssssssss thank’s for all!

  2. Xdeminator@onet.pl says:

    o gra jest fajna ale to jest super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!