Update 1.041

New update is in the town!

- New ball: Pong Ball.
- Hall stadium have audience now.
- New way of changing balls and stadiums.
- Network improvements.
- Memory leaking bug has been fixed.
- Other improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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9 Responses to Update 1.041

  1. Fran says:

    Omg, it looks amazing! The audience at the Hall Stadium it’s simply… brilliant! I think that you should put the public on all stadiums, or make a button to choice if I want public or not. And the Pong Ball it’s great ball, I already tried that ball on Ball2D…

    PS: Waiting for the Basketball Map! Congrats.

    • Dans says:

      Fran, the audience in Hall Stadium was to hide the 2 walls. Well done Maniek. I agree with you Fran, should have in all maps.

  2. PlayStation says:

    Very Nice Job !

  3. Srcs says:

    Great job, but the audience make the lag and breaks higher in classic hall. Try to improve that, but beside that I think you are doing a wonderful job :)

  4. ZawszeEN says:

    Maniek so good map !

  5. Shav says:

    aj dont si de audience , uaj ken ju help mi plizzzzz

  6. Shav says:

    aj dont si de audience , uaj ken ju help mi plizzzzzz

  7. Eleantor says:

    Nasıl Oluor Sölermisiniz.