Update 1.042

You will love this update!

- 4 new stadiums (Street Stadiums).
- 10 new Balls (see on the screen above).
- All balls look better now (even the older ones).
- You can scroll the room list with mouse wheel and arrow keys.
- I have removed the audience from the Hall Stadium, because it created lags. I will make better audience in the future.
- Other improvements.

For those who are waiting for the Basketball, I want to say that I am already working on it.

I have really big plans regarding Ball 3D, thanks to the players I have a nice motivation to make the game even better. Thank you for playing!

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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17 Responses to Update 1.042

  1. PlayStation says:

    Nice job!

  2. Benjix88 says:

    And French Ball ?

  3. [TG]SKKF3 says:

    wow wow wow wow no wow

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing, awesome job maniek :D

  5. Srcs says:

    It’s amazing, awesome job maniek :D

  6. Tuga says:

    Maniek, why volleyball has little gravity? Should have the same.

    PS: There will be a map of races?

  7. «νω»Alter! says:

    Dobre piłki tylko smiesznie wyglądają pozdrawiam alter.

  8. Ale "10" says:

    Hello, me know Venezuela dont play so much Ball 3D, but you can put a ball for Venezuela? Sorry for my english

  9. Playmix says:

    Ball3D to moja ulubiona gra kto sie zgadza ze mnom pisze XD PS ZAPRASZAM NA REKRU DO KLUBU NY :)

  10. Playmix says:


  11. Playmix says:


  12. Playmix says:

    Zapraszam do klubu -A&M- na serwerach nazwa : A&M REKRUTACJA, Cały klub A&M Zaprasza !!!

  13. Playmix says:


  14. Playmix says:

    Tu mam fajne kody: HHC7,XC5K,28LO,5V39,800L,KM0A,ECEY, SPRAWCIE

  15. Kamix says:


  16. Playmix says:

    Maniek dodaj nowe pilki