Update 1.044

New Update! This time we have something really nice.  RACING!!! and new room list.

- New game type: Racing
- 3 New stadiums: Race 01, Race 02, Race 03
- Room filters and game icons

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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30 Responses to Update 1.044

  1. Herobrine says:

    3 stars: Excellent maps but the control is poor and full of bugs…pls fix this and add more racing maps :)

  2. Rafael Rapalo says:

    Best update ever!!!
    Me and all of my friends really loved the racing mode!
    Please make more racing maps!
    I didn’t find any bugs and is working really fine for me.

    PS: I think it’ll be better for Ball3D if you add BBall3D the same way you did with volleyball, racing, football and hockey. Instead of making another website just for Bball3d.

    Thank you!

    • Maniek says:

      Thank you for your opinion.
      First I am going to improve the racing by adding stuff like minimap, mirror etc. I will also change it to work with times instead of points.

      Then I will think if I want to include BBall 3D here or not.

      I am also thinking about making brand new racing game some time in the future.

      • Rafael Rapalo says:

        Hey Maniek! Just want to give you a little more feedback now that I’ve played a lot more:
        The controls and maps are great but there are some changes that could improve the game:
        + You need to add a mirror (it could be fixed on the top of the screen or a keyboard key that you could see behind you)
        + Minimap is not really necessary but would be great as well.
        + Time with more precision (hundredth of a second)
        + Maybe you could add a speed panel (in km/h for example)
        + The number of laps you or your team have completed out of the number of laps left (like this: 3/5)
        ++ The most important change you could make is a new ranking system because… Imagine this race: 5×5 players. Depending on how many “Score points” you choose, if your team has the first 4 positions, you can still lose if your 5th teammate gets the last position. The best solution in this case for me is giving the first 5 players points for their teams at the end of the race, for example: 1st = 10pts, 2nd = 6pts, 3rd = 4pts, 4th = 2pts, 5th = 1pt.
        + More maps :D

        I’m aware that some of this changes would require you to modify too much in the code but those were just some ideas! Thank you for your attention and good luck!

        • manyak1903 says:

          good ideas ,
          1+1 mirror
          2+1 minimap
          3 i dont understand :)
          4+1 maybe speed panel
          5+1 maybe number of laps
          6++1 this could be good 1st = 10pts, 2nd = 6pts, 3rd = 4pts, 4th = 2pts, 5th = 1pt.
          7+1 (and maps is too big but we need time for get used,)

        • Maniek says:

          Thanks for the feedback.
          - I am going to add mirror very soon
          - I am going to add minimap ever more soon
          - I will change the point system to time with msecs very very soon
          - I will add some sort of speed meter
          - I will let you pick normal laps, there will be no teams (at least not in the basic racing mode, because I have plans to add more modes in the future)
          - Like I said above, I will completely change the ranking system and make it like in normal racing game.
          - I will add one new map soon.

          I am thinking about all the things you mentioned since the racing is online :)

  3. Unhappy says:

    Bad idee, Ball3D is not a race game…
    I try but the control is horrible, the first at the start will be the first at the end. Besides it is long and annoying.
    Waiting for the basket… =)

    • Rafael Rapalo says:

      It was not a bad idea and you just need to give it a try. At first it’s a little hard to play but once you get the hang of it you’ll love the racing tracks. I played with 14 players and we were constantly losing and winning positions on an epic race which I won haha!

      • Unhappy says:

        I think that in BALL3D, We need to play with a BALL… I hope it will be delete with the Volleyball…

        • Maniek says:

          I don’t understand what is the problem. You can still play normal football in Ball 3D, nobody force you to play racing if you don’t want, but some people like it. It will help the game to grow.

        • Unhappy says:

          you can create a new site like you did ith ball2D.
          And you can delete Volleyball, we saw that nobody plays volley.
          Already we can see few people play racing….

  4. manyak1903 says:

    very good update Maniek , maybe you can make billiard in the future (9 ball,cannon etc

    god bless your hands :)
    PS : you already wrote mirror ,minimap etc.

  5. Arteta says:

    Hello Maniek!Very good update! Can you make curling?:D

  6. Herobrine says:

    Hello Maniek. I would create an international federation for BALL3D Racing. Have I your permission to do it?

  7. Aramis says:

    Maniek Hello, I enjoyed the race, it was great, plus has some defects in the score, if the first one wins and the other team’s last stay, the first takes no privilege
    Bys !

    • Maniek says:

      The point system will be changed to normal time system in a few days. I will add some cool stuff to make the racing 100 times more fun :) Just wait a few days.

  8. Valegol96 says:

    I think that you can also place different folders with the differeent stadiums like this:

    and all the other football stadiums

    Race 1
    Race 2
    Race 3



  9. «νω»Alter! says:

    Maniek ta mapa nie pasuję do tej gry dziwne są trudne do opanowania pozdrawiam Alter.

  10. herobrine says:

    ajajajajajj un juego d mente¡¡ q yo no tengo XD
    pongan + cosas¡¡¡¡
    como la bombonera XD o hagan las camisetas + faciles no entiendo como se hacen yo voy por la parte d abajo recin :)
    jajaja bn¡¡¡¡

  11. GD JAJJAJJA says:

    ajajajajajj un juego d mente¡¡ q yo no tengo XD
    pongan + cosas¡¡¡¡
    como la bombonera XD o hagan las camisetas + faciles no entiendo como se hacen yo voy por la parte d abajo recin :)
    jajaja bn¡¡¡¡

  12. GD JAJJAJJA says:

    pone carreras + faciles¡¡ es muy dificil como juegan?¿¿¿?¿?¿??XD
    la camiseta (t-shirt) es re complicado¡¡¡¡¡ pone directamente todo no parte por parte es re contra aburrido ;)
    PD: pruebo en minteam noob XD es intento estar en el top 20 y pruebo¡¡ XD los veo mtf¡

  13. FEDE 7 says:

    hola mina sos mala y me mentiste diciendo q tenias 15 años pero tenes 9 pero igual sos mi amiga y no se como sos pero t quiero y no se si sos linda para mi SI¡¡¡¡¡
    PD: t veo en el ball 3d PLS HAGAMOS EL TEAM¡¡¡¡
    habla en esto pls deja tus opiniones del juego¡¡

  14. http://www.ball3d.com/?room=0504403159637206225 says: