Update 1.047

You wanted a new sport in Ball 3D and now you have it! Real Football is here. It’s a test version, so if you will find any bugs, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for playing!

- New sport: Real Football
- New stadiums: Real Football, Real Football Night
- Replays from Penalties stadium should now work fine.
- Little optimization regarding ads on the stadiums.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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13 Responses to Update 1.047

  1. Rafael Rapalo says:

    I can’t describe how much I loved this map! Thank you!!!

  2. Dans says:

    I love so much but need some stuff’s like don’t alow player run with the ball in the coners, ball out of bounds or in goal kick. Can have a goalkeeper, start with only 1 team and player don’t play in the area in the goal kick.

  3. Rafael Rapalo - [NATA]Rapalo 10 says:

    I was going to post this on the forum but since I have more than one topic I wanted to cover on this post, I’m going to say it here.

    I just wanna go straight to the point and don’t want to type too much:
    First, I would like to say that this is the best update since the game itself. Everyone loved this map and it seems like this is going to be the official map for championships and the default one for fun. (At least here in Brazil)

    – The “referee” is not always right (sometimes, a player clearly kicks the ball out the field and his team still gets the ball)
    – The time is not flowing how it should be when you are not the host. (time changes from 3 to 3 seconds on average).
    – Today, the ball left the field and it was a cornerkick for my team, then a player kicked the ball and scored before the ball went to the corner and the goal was valid. (I tried to do this again but I had no success )

    This were all the bugs I was able to find.

    I think that we only need 2 new features for this mode and those are:
    – In a dead ball situation (corner kick, goal kick and throw-in) the player must kick the ball (similar to penalties map). If the player doesn’t do that, the ball will be reversed.
    – No throw-in goal allowed!

    This 2 rules are already in use here, just because everyone liked and agreed with that. It would me awesome if you help us developing this. (I know a lot of players won’t like this idea but you could add this as an option).

    And finally, just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on this great job! Best map ever!

  4. Srcs says:

    BEST UPDATE EVER. I dont agree with Dans, the goalkepeer can defend everywhere. It has some bugs, but with time i think you will change it. BEST MAP EVER, WOW

    • Dans says:

      Srcs with goalkeeper I’m refering to can have the ball in the hands like in the basketball (can be the same for ball’s out).

  5. Spinacz says:

    Super , czekałem na coś takiego :) Teraz można grać realny mecz ;P Dzięki za ten uptade :) Pozdro

  6. qwe says:

    Hi Maniek, thanks for Ball 3D update. :) But please Ball 2D improve too. Ball 2D has big potential.

  7. nugacik says:

    Tak jak napisał Rapalo, trzeba wyeliminować te błędy. Dobry pomysł z tymi stałymi fragmentami (tzw. set pieces).

  8. Altero z podziekowaniami says:

    dziękuje ci maniek że dałeś nam te mapkę Podoba mi się i to bardzo będzie fajnie jak jak bym został mistrzem na tej mapie

  9. LP|8|Ribéryツ says:

    Nice Map in the Out’s and Corner thak’s Ribéryツ.