Update 1.048

New stadium and many little bugs fixes

- New stadium: Real Football Space.
- Mars stadium now have a different skybox.
- Little network optimizations.
- Ghost bug has been fixed.
- Speedway stadium bug fixed.
- Other small bugs have been fixed.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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25 Responses to Update 1.048

  1. Mako says:

    I love the new stadium. Please keep making updates on this game, (B3D), the people is playing a lot this and not the other games.

  2. Flushie says:

    Maniek, can you create Space Small, Classic, Big and Huge, and Small Real Soccer? This will helps the game to be more funny :D

  3. Enderman says:

    Hmmm… how is there sound in space?

  4. MejT says:

    Great Job!

  5. iROEN says:


  6. FRE D wedhttp://www.ball3d.com/images/logo-ball3d.png?nowe2 says:
  7. Shaara says:

    Maniek friend, Could you create when you put a goal to move the network? Greetings By Shaara

  8. sobota says:

    mam pytanie czy tutaj można pisać po polsku? bo teraz dowiedzialem sie o tej grze

  9. sobota says:

    aha dzienki maniek :)

  10. sobota says:

    Aha mam jeszcze jedno pytanie kiedy będzie kolejny update bo są bardzo fajne i nie moge śię już doczekać na 1.049!

  11. Price says:

    What is the update 1.049?

  12. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk says:

    jeferson k k k k k

  13. zdzipro says:

    Maniek is good

  14. zdzipro says:

    Maniek by mnie nie pokonał w ball3d.com! Hah

  15. Sean says:

    Make free kicks,more stadions..and remove vertical kick other is good :)