Update 1.054 – Accounts!!!

The long awaited update is already here! You can now register your name and no one will be able to use it! I hope you will enjoy this update. More updates will come soon. Invite your friends and enjoy Ball 3D!

- Account Registration System!
- You can now use 28 colors from the color palette.
- Press the “V” key to see the menu for as long as you keep it pressed.
- The room list will not scroll up after you press “Refresh”.
- Classic GK has been improved.
- Spectators can move when the game is paused.
- Many other small fixes and improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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24 Responses to Update 1.054 – Accounts!!!

  1. viciv says:

    W końcu nikt pod nikogo nie będzie się podszywał. :D

  2. ANTONIO says:


  3. [NATA] Aramis says:

    Maniek not arrived in my email the message to confirm your account …

  4. Charlie says:

    Good update, thanks maniek :) )

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good :)

  6. Weez says:

    Good Update :)

  7. Naruto says:

    słaby ten trochę update bo nie można miec nic z tablicy znaków po logowaniu

  8. Soapded says:

    Very good update.

  9. Karusia says:


  10. Matrix says:

    Maniek. Pomóż mi się zaajerestrować bo nie mg. :(

  11. Fearless says:

    How do I use 25 colors?

  12. manyak1903 says:

    finally :=) congratulations ,
    very good update.

    can you make that ? i explain ,
    not !M2M! manyak1903 , manyak1903 !M2M! or both optional

    in short can be tag after from nickname or both optional.

    thanks , good work

    • Maniek says:

      Thanks for your suggestion but I will probably not make it ;)

      • manyak1903 says:

        i understood that you will not do it.why :( very bad.

        i would see that primarily players name after team name in the game.because if we want see , we can see team name of them on “menu”"V”.

        i think so you can do , you are talented , it easy for you ;)

  13. seBiX says:

    Może być bo ja się nie mogę zalogować i zajestrować

  14. GOOD says:

    Good update, thanks maniek :) ) IS PRO GOOD

  15. M.Dexio says:

    Maniek, Dobry update ale chciałbym mniej godzin (na przykład 2 godziny) aby się rejestrować.

  16. M.Dexio says:

    Oraz, aby były nie tylko arabskie litery, też inne. :)

  17. Rybaq says:

    Super update! :D