Update 1.056 – Vertical Kick has been improved!

Ball 3D has been updated again, the vertical kick is now two times less powerful. Refresh the page and give it a try again. This time it should be more fun. And don’t worry if you will really not like it I will remove it. For now just enjoy this new feature, learn how to use it and let me know if it’s better this time.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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14 Responses to Update 1.056 – Vertical Kick has been improved!

  1. Bianca says:

    Maniek, remove it or we do not play more

  2. Kingextreme says:

    Maniek, would you mind making it as an experimental feature and giving admins having an option to enable or disable it?

  3. Fuki_Deam says:

    Nice update, please, do not removed

  4. Alan says:

    Es re bueno ball3d

  5. Light says:

    Maniek , Remove the Update Please :(

  6. Lishu says:

    Manny when will these nets?

  7. Pola says:

    Nice update

  8. Silkon says:

    I do not like… Use this button to sprint with energy bar

  9. 12Bernard12 says:

    Remove update. Please.

  10. Tekir says:

    Hi Maniek;this is wonderful system but we want for ball2d

  11. R says:

    Nice update , and more fun.
    Waitting more about Team’s update.
    Keep Going!

  12. Fokus says:


  13. Maniek pro gra w balla 3d says: