Update 1.061

We have another update. This time I have optimized the network code a bit.

- New option has been added when you are the host. You can now change the send rate of the server! If you have a good connection, you can set the send rate to a maximum 60 and when you are playing 3v3 or more all players will have lower latency (up to 33ms less). The ping will stay the same, but the real latency will decrease and it will be more fun to play. You have to change this every time you create a server. If you have a good connection it is worth using it. This options is placed next to the chat input field (when you are the host), it is also available as a command /sendrate.
- Network bandwidth has been optimized (server will send less bytes of data to the clients).
- Now everyone will see the info about new update, so no one will miss that there was an update.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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8 Responses to Update 1.061

  1. pagasus says:

    ı’m fovorite play games

  2. fhhfh6 says:

    dfgdfgdsfgdfgdfgdfgdf dfgd

  3. Hochlik says:

    jest super ale jak było wjiencej koszulke to zapłapcile 130000003$ i tak dalej

  4. ÖMER says:


  5. otarinio says:

    wat shop? end $ ?

  6. sadSDAADSSD says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    it’s mu favourite game