Update 1.062 – ITEM SHOP!!!

Ball 3D has been updated! You can enjoy the ITEM SHOP! Buy coins if you can and support me and the game. Thank you ;)

Sms payments will be added in a few days.

- Item Shop (fullscreen, shirt numbers, celebrations, shot effects, visual effects, default looks)
- New stadiums: Classic Easy, Beach
- Street stadiums are now night.
- Grass and Goal Net textures have been changed.
- Q and E curving has been improved. When you press and hold Q or E plus SHIFT before you start loading the kick power, the curving power will be instantly maximized. You can use this to dribble and make tricks!
- Many others improvements and bug fixes.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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18 Responses to Update 1.062 – ITEM SHOP!!!

  1. Kozak says:

    Great job!!!

  2. Türkiye says:

    Hi maniek please we have 1000 coins.We player team macht win coins:v2 50 v3:75 v4=100 Please.

    Türkhish Player

  3. Sheeker says:

    Hi Maniek !
    Great job!
    Thanks for update !

  4. Kozak says:

    Shot effects are cool! :)

  5. manyak1903 says:

    congratulations Maniek.there is a really big effort.you did work hard.
    somebody stop Maniek :=)
    Good Game All ; )

  6. Kozak says:

    “somebody stop Maniek :=)”

    This is impossible :)

  7. Kozak says:

    “Good Game All ; )”

    With this effects Ball 3D is even better :)

  8. VELISH says:

    Maniek fajne że dasz przez telefon te na ITEM SHOP :D

    Pozdrawiam VELISH :D

  9. bearman says:

    maniek daj za wygrany mecz 100 coins plis

  10. ????? says:

    bla bla

    ufsofs earath fightrs

  11. Nugat says:

    Good thing..shop in Ball3D :)
    Shot effects are average, interfere in keeping.
    Shirt number, fullscreen, CELEBRATIONS are cooool, very cool.
    You’re going to add new background of menu? For example small night? :)

  12. Ermin says:

    If i can in polish . Moge wygrac grajac mecze coinsy ?

  13. CreativeSnake says:

    Świetne efekty tylko czekam na przeceny i kupuję :D :D

  14. oliwier4 says:


  15. oliwier4 says:


  16. lD LİKE COİNS says:


  17. prooyuncu111 says:

    plese 100000000 coins