Update 2.00

Ball 3D has been updated!

- Play and see for yourself ;)

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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13 Responses to Update 2.00

  1. gk25 says:

    gdzie jest intergalactic ball, home ball, i dlaczego nie mozna grac w hockej na football, moszesz dodac te itemy? PLZ

  2. Kolodin says:

    Comrade, please, on maps with a stadium-very severe delay. Bring us your old card and bring normal dribbling please.

    It is very difficult to play, and football has become less interesting.

    No one asks you to delete the upgrade, but please, give us the opportunity to play on old maps and use normal dribbling.

  3. BayBuraq says:

    Good Game :)

  4. LeeTen says:

    Proszę Daj Starego Bala Proszę Ten Jest Dziwny Taka Bramka i Siatka Mi Się Nie Podoba.

  5. LeeTen says:

    O i Chcę Zombie Mod

  6. SpiderSerkan says:


  7. nak_JR says:

    Dawaj starego bala stary :) Każdy by sie cieszył ale te bramki i te nowe moglybismy Sobię wybierac dlatego polecam nak_JR

  8. TheGOLD001 says:


  9. SkyRed says:

    Referees need and maniek new things :)

  10. iceluX says:

    manie pls pls daj mi 1800 coins na shirt number :)

  11. mehmet says:


  12. SkyRed says:

    Maniek! he stole the current gamelike help! 30 90 tsar stole!!!