Update 2.05

Ball 3D has been updated!

- Interactive Crowd!
- Servers for Beginners (if you play Ball 3D for less than 1.5 month, you can play on these servers).
- New Cameras (TV, Top Down, Closest).
- Press . (dot) button when recording replay to add a green mark (it will help you find nice actions when you will later watch this replay).
- Recording replays will no longer drop your fps, I have removed a very significant bug.
- Network optimizations (latency is about 16ms lower for everyone, the gameplay is more smooth).
- Countless bug fixes, optimizations and improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


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10 Responses to Update 2.05

  1. 8AlmogBoss8 says:

    Loved the update but there are a lot of lags because the audience hope you can fix it ..

  2. Pro_Titans says:

    eski ball 3d ye geri donun nolur

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lagi na stadionie nie da sie grac

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pls Traning Goal Keeper map Return Traning goalkeeper map plss!

  5. Kicak says:

    Tej, panie, przywruć pan stadion z bramkami bo nie ma gdzie trenować. #35

  6. BlancikowY says:

    Szanowny Mańku stwórco gry, czy mógł być w kolejnym up`dacie usunąć te kolorowe słupki po rogach bosika? przeszkadzają gdyż piłka nie fortunnie sie odbija ;/

    Pozdrawiam, z poważaniem Kamil

  7. ColdLose says:

    Gamelike Adina players are rolling out code to steal the accounts of registered teams

  8. RappeLand says:

    Bide 1400 coins atarsanız