Update 1.014

This is it! We have new update.

– New Beach stadium (the gravity is now much lower, it’s amazingly fun, you will love it).
– A lot of T-shirt improvements and bug fixes. If you will notice any bugs let me know.

Do you like T-shirts in Ball 3D? It’s just the beginning, I am going to make in-game statistics like in the real football. We will probably also have some kind of “player of the match” that will tell you who was the best player, who was the second best and so on.

It would be great if more people would play Ball 3D. Invite your friends. Post link to Ball 3D on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thank you.

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Update 1.010 (T-shirts)

Finally! The new update is here. It’s a big one. Since now you will be able to play in your own T-shirts! Here is the changelog:

– Custom T-shirts (also in replays).
– Network code has been changed a little.
– Capital letters now work fine in the team chat.
– You can now join to the room by double clicking it in the server list.
– You can now confirm the password with Enter.
– Many other improvements.

If you want to have a custom T-shirt for your team, then go to the options in the game. You will have to upload two pictures and pick two colors. Then I will have to accept your choice. After this you will have to write a special code into the appropriate field in the options. The T-shirts will be active only, if all people in the same team have the same code!

It’s all pretty easy. I hope you like the update.

If you like Ball 3D, remember to tell your friends about the game. The more players will play, the more fun we will all have!


Update 1.008 and more

Hello Ball 3D Players! We have a new update!

- Now you can spectate from a player perspective.
- It’s now possible to change the speed of the replay (you can do this with buttons or with keys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
- You can now pause/play the replay with P key.
- Overtime sound.
- It’s now possible to disable the player names during the game (you can also press Left Alt or Num 0 to do this).
- Many other improvements.

I hope you will like the new features. In the next update we will probably have custom t-shirts. You will be able to make your own!

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ball3dgame
You can read there about upcoming tournaments and updates.


Update 1.007

We have an update! I hope you will like it.

- You can now give admin rights to other players.
- You can ban other players.
- New buttons: Reset and Random.
- Network code has been changed a bit. Now when you play 1v1 or 2v2 you will have 33ms smaller latency, when you will play 3v3, the latency should be 17ms smaller, 4v4 and more stays as it was before.
- Other small improvements.


ESL Open Cup 1vs1

ESL Ball 3D 1vs1 Cup! Sign up today. Don’t forget to invite your friends. We will see who is the best… :)

Sign up here: http://www.esl.eu/eu/ball3d/news/199876/


Update 1.006

We have a new update.

- The Beach stadiums now look much better and you will feel like on the real beach (the ball will act like on the sand).
- The kickoff bug has been fixed (hopefully).
- Some other improvements.

It’s summer people (at least in Europe), let’s play on the beach while we can!

Brace yourselves, Ball 3D is coming to ESL!!! Stay tuned for more information!

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Water Update 1.004

Hello my friends. It is hot outside, if you want to feel fresh again I have something for you. A new Water stadium!

- New stadium: Water
- Maximum player name length is now equal to 17 characters (it was 13 before)

Tell me what you think about this new stadium and don’t forget to invite your friends to the game.


Another Update 1.003

Ladies and gentlemen, new update is in the town! It’s summer so now you will be able to play on the beach.

- New stadiums (now you can play on the beach).
- Performance optimizations.

Support the game by inviting your friends (tell about the game on your Facebook page, Twitter and so on). Thank you.

Enjoy the game.


New Update 1.002

Hello dear Players. We have a new update. Here is the changelog:

- Replays!!!
- Two new stadiums: “Pong” and “Portals”.
- Semi-transparent goals (when you are behind them).
- Player name is now displayed after the score.
- Auto Look. The camera can look at the ball when you are spectating/watching replays. You will still be able to move the camera around with the cursor keys or ASDW. You can turn Auto look on and off.
- Spectator is now not moving to the center of the field after the score.
- Servers with password will now always work (before it was sometimes not possible to connect).
- Many other small improvements you may or may not notice.

I hope you will like the update.

If you didn’t notice this yet, we have a forum. If you want to be the first who will know what is going on in the Ball 3D world, then go to the forum: http://www.ball3d.com/forum

I would also like to tell you something about replays. If you want to show your replay to your friends, you can do this easily. You can find how to do this here: http://www.ball3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10

We have a special section on the forum when you can share your replays with other players and watch them playing.

Enjoy the game and see you on the field!


The first update

Hello dear Ball 3D Community. I would like to welcome you and say thank you for playing my game.

I am super excited to announce the first update in the history of the game. Without further ado, here is the change log:

– The kick stays loaded for 300ms (it was 0ms before). It means that you can load the power bar to the level you want when you are not touching the ball and it will kick the ball even if you will touch it after some time (but not more than 300ms). It should make the kick easier (especially the shots from the air and the first touch shots.
– A new “Big” stadium, the one that was named “Big” before is now “Huge”.
– The room list is now sorted by the country. Your country is on top of the list.
– The room list is now optimized (many little and big bugs have been fixed).
– The mini goals are now a little bit higher.
– The lag on the overtime is fixed now.
– You can see the version number in the bottom left corner of the game (in the room list).
– You can kick with the Left Shift now.
– In game chat now stays on the screen for 6 seconds (it was 4 seconds before).
– You can use Backspace during the game to open the in-game chat with the “/t” already typed in (it will let you send the message only to your team).
– Maximum sensitivity is now equal to 20.

– Many little bugs in the chat have been fixed.
– You can use commands in the chat:

  • /clear or /c – clear the chat
  • /team or /t – send the message only to the players from your team (red, blue or spectators)
  • /sensitivity or /sens – set the mouse sensitivity
  • /help – show the command list

I can’t wait to see the new kick in action. Now the game should be more fun. Tell me what you think about the changes and the game itself in comments.

I will tell you about some of the features I want to implement in the near future:
– I want to improve the net code.
– Replays.
– Giving the admin rights to other players.
– Statistics and the “best players of the match” feature.
– Custom “shirts” for teams. You will be able to register the team and make it look as you wish.
– Much more stadiums in different sceneries (Would you like to play on Mars? Or maybe in Space without gravity? Just let me know.).
– Other sports (like basketball).
– Forum will be available soon.
– New website will be available soon.

My goal is simple: I want to make the most fun game in the universe. You can help me by posting your ideas and suggestions in your comments. See you in the field!

PS: Tell your friends about the game by clicking the LIKE button.
PS2: If you would like to see Ball 3D on ESL, you can tell that here: BALL 3D on ESL