Update 1.047

You wanted a new sport in Ball 3D and now you have it! Real Football is here. It’s a test version, so if you will find any bugs, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for playing!

- New sport: Real Football
- New stadiums: Real Football, Real Football Night
- Replays from Penalties stadium should now work fine.
- Little optimization regarding ads on the stadiums.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Happy Birthday Ball 3D!!!

Happy Birthday Ball 3D!!!

Ball 3D is one year old now. Thank you all for being with us.


Update 1.046

New Update!

- New stadiums: Big Easy, Big Easy Night, Big Easy Street, Jungle Night.
- Street stadiums look better now.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.045

New Update! Racing is 100 times more fun now! Volleyball has been improved too.

- Racing is now like other famous racing games! You have to try it.
- New stadium: Race Speedway!
- Minimap in Racing.
- Use Q key to use the mirror in Racing.
- Speedometer and other statistics in Racing.
- Race 01 stadium has been changed.
- Volleyball has been improved. When you are not pressing the jump button, your player will fall to the ground much faster. It should make Volleyball more fun!

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.044

New Update! This time we have something really nice.  RACING!!! and new room list.

- New game type: Racing
- 3 New stadiums: Race 01, Race 02, Race 03
- Room filters and game icons

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.043

Two new stadiums, I hope you will like it :)

- Two new stadiums: Classic Jungle and Underwater

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.042

You will love this update!

- 4 new stadiums (Street Stadiums).
- 10 new Balls (see on the screen above).
- All balls look better now (even the older ones).
- You can scroll the room list with mouse wheel and arrow keys.
- I have removed the audience from the Hall Stadium, because it created lags. I will make better audience in the future.
- Other improvements.

For those who are waiting for the Basketball, I want to say that I am already working on it.

I have really big plans regarding Ball 3D, thanks to the players I have a nice motivation to make the game even better. Thank you for playing!

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.041

New update is in the town!

- New ball: Pong Ball.
- Hall stadium have audience now.
- New way of changing balls and stadiums.
- Network improvements.
- Memory leaking bug has been fixed.
- Other improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.040

- Intergalactic Ball has been changed a bit.
- Columns in the corners become transparent when the camera is behind them.
- Other small improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com


Update 1.039

We have a new ball called Intergalactic Ball! It’s different from other balls because you can actually catch it! It will stick to you when you will press the jump button.

Ball similar to this one will be used in the upcoming Basketball and Handball stadiums. Because the new stadiums will be very different from the ones we have now, I have decided that it will be better for everyone, if I will make a new game instead of adding them to Ball 3D. That new game will be exactly the same as Ball 3D, but you will be able to play only Basketball and Handball (and probably some other stadiums in the future).

I am a bit disappointed that so few people play on the custom stadiums I have made in the past, but I understand why, because I don’t play them too much as well. Basketball and Handball stadiums are going to be awesome and it would be a shame if no one will play them. I can’t let that happen.

I will introduce the name of my new game and show you some screenshots in a few days. I hope I will finish it in less than two weeks. For now you can test the Intergalactic Ball to see how it will feel to play that new game. If you have some suggestions let me know.

- New Ball: Intergalactic Ball.
- Other improvements.

Play now: www.ball3d.com